Feet on Fleek’s mission is to provide distinctive, fashion forward footwear to women who take pleasure in wearing a pair of shoes that command attention. 

Our desire is to provide the fierce women of today with on trend footwear at stellar costs!

Cause’ you don’t have to have a million bucks to look like it! (wink) 🙂 

A hot shoe has the power to make a woman stand taller and walk prouder!

Feet on Fleek


The idea of FOF derived from my own personal struggles as a consumer shopping for women’s footwear. Oftentimes  spending hours searching multiple store’s inventory on the hunt for that killer pair of shoes, thinking “if there was one store that offered nothing but funky, fashion forward shoes at fair costs…that would save me so much time.” 

Realizing I knew of no such store, I created one…for us!

Whether a habitual shoe game killer or shopping for a one time occasion, Feet on Fleek has your feet covered…literally!


Now stand tall, chest out and go run the world…but look great doing it!

Feet on Fleek